Professional and Accurate ADAS Calibration

A car’s ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance System helps drivers to drive and park their vehicles safely. When it is not properly calibrated, the system will not give accurate error codes - leading to driving mistakes or accidents. It is important to keep the vehicle’s ADAS in perfect condition, especially after replacing the windshield.

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Our Process: ADAS Calibration Phoenix


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An ADAS Calibration Company You Can Align With

There are a lot of emerging technologies that improve our lifestyle that we never thought possible. Inevitably, these advanced systems made their way to the automotive industry as well. These technologies enhance safety and minimize human error with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Most modern cars now have an Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS built into them. You may not even realize that some functions are taken care of by ADAS while driving. The many conveniences that ADAS offers are why it is important to keep your systems regularly calibrated, ensuring these assistance systems perform optimally.

Replacing your windshield may cause disruptions to your saved system. So, have your ADAS Calibration system calibrated if you have a new windshield installed.

We at Anytime Auto Glass will make it easy for you to get your ADAS re-calibrated. We have the knowledge, expertise, experience, technologies, and professional technicians to adjust your car’s safety systems. It is a must to have it fine-tuned whenever you replace your windshield. Only work with a company that is equipped and trained to calibrate ADAS. We service Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDWS), Forward Collision Alert (FCA), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Keep Assist (LKA), and other systems.

Signs You Need An ADAS Calibration Professional Service

While nothing beats attentive driving, ADAS is a great tool to help ensure safety while on the road. ADAS Recalibration is something you should consider if:

  1. Windscreen was replaced or repaired

  2. Dashboard shows an irregular code

  3. Camera keeps disconnecting

  4. Wheels were realigned

  5. Car suspension was changed

  6. Laws in the state you live in demand changes to your current ADAS

Anytime Auto Glass will service your ADAS calibration needs through smart systems repair and effective techniques.

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Benefits of An ADAS Calibration

Having your ADAS calibrated by experienced professionals from Anytime Auto Glass helps you stay safe on the road. The road safety and convenient guidance that a car’s assistance systems offer are worth doing regular checkups for. Here are more benefits if you regularly maintain your car’s ADAS:

Cameras Detect Potential Hazards Effectively

Many car assistance systems rely on cameras, usually mounted on your windshield. These visual devices are responsible for detecting potential hazards on the road with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Cameras with updated software and parts are more effective at detection, thus preventing accidents and minor inconveniences.

Better Cruise Control

ADAS provides other functions designed for convenience, one of which is cruise control. This electronic system allows you to maintain speed without the need for your foot to be on the accelerator pedal all the time. Cruise control reduces foot fatigue for drivers, especially if they are always on a long drive. ADAS not calibrated properly affects cruise control and fuel efficiency. So, ensure that your ADAS gets regular fine-tuning to take advantage of cruise control longer.

Safe Night Driving

One of the many amazing benefits of ADAS is that it dips the headlights for you according to road conditions. This automatic system lowers the angle of headlights so that the car’s lights will not blind other motorists. If you don’t have your ADAS checked, there is a possibility that your headlights might cause inconvenience for incoming traffic.

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Contact Anytime Auto Glass, and we will do the paperwork for you. We can service ADAS calibration in Phoenix for most domestic and foreign cars at your location. Some vehicles, might need to be serviced in our shop. Do note that we offer valet options by appointment for your convenience. Call 480-462-7283 or apply online to get with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

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