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Arizona’s Most Trusted Sunroof Replacement: We deliver Award-winning Customer Service with professional workmanship. Anytime Auto Glass replaces your sunroof in a smooth and quickest manner possible so that you can get back to a wonderful open-air driving experience.

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Our Process: Sunroof Replacement


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A Windshield Repair Company You Can Trust With Your Sunroof Glass

We at Anytime Auto Glass make it a point to deliver swift and optimal solutions to your sunroof auto glass needs. Our certified vehicle technicians will work with you to install the finest mounted glass on this side of Arizona. With over twenty years of experience and knowledge, you are guaranteed award-winning customer service and the best handling possible for your sunroof glass. We designed our process to ensure that things will be smooth, easy, and convenient on your end.

Signs You Need a Sunroof Glass Replacement

Sunroof allows sunlight and air to enter when you retract the roof. The open-roof experience is great, especially when driving on a warm sunny day or in the countryside - where the air is fresh and natural. Additionally, you or your passengers get more visibility when you open the sunroof - allowing your group to enjoy the scenery. With these benefits and more, it goes without saying that it is important to take care of your sunroof.
Here are some signs that your car needs a sunroof glass replacement:

  1. Leaking - Condensation inside the car hints that your sunroof is leaking. Water accumulates in the material of the mechanism, causing a bulging interior roof. You may also notice an odd smell, usually before the sunroof starts to leak.

  2. Breakage - When your sunroof glass shatters, it is time to get a replacement. This can happen due to debris accumulating or hard objects falling on the vulnerable top area of your car. 

  3. Malfunction - The sunroof can get jammed due to mechanical issues that only auto glass technicians can fix. When you want your sunroof glass to work as intended, contact Anytime Auto Glass and we will gladly schedule an appointment that is most convenient for you.

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Benefits of Sunroof Glass Replacement

Sunroofs may only be found on luxury cars or vehicles with high-end trims. Though it may be considered an accessory, it is an amazing feature due to its splendid benefits. It goes without saying that if your sunroof glass gets broken or shattered, replace it as soon as possible. Here are some of the benefits of a sunroof glass replacement, especially when done professionally by Anytime Auto Glass:

Benefit #1 Save Money and Time

We offer auto glass replacement for your sunroof that is done quickly and easily. You may continue with your usual schedule while we fix your sunroof glass. Additionally, having your auto glass replaced or repaired can also lead to fewer costs. Sunroof glass problems unattended for too long may cause irreparable damage, thus resulting in more expenses.

Benefit #2 Enjoy Rare Open-Air Experience More

Having a sunroof in your car offers a unique experience that is not available from other vehicles. So, keeping it well-maintained and replacing it when encountering issues will ensure you enjoy this benefit more often.

Benefit #3 Ensures Sunroof Is Working Properly

Damaged or broken sunroofs tend to jam a lot, and won’t work as intended. Getting a repair or replacement solves this issue, allowing the sliding glass to operate smoothly and consistently. If you don’t get it repaired, it might lead to other problems - some irreversible and costly.

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We ensure to make the process of replacing your sunroof convenient for you. Schedule today, and our auto glass specialists will take care of your car-related needs. We understand you want quick and instant replacements so we provide same-day appointments. Call now and get that sunroof fixed so you can get back to driving with an open-air experience again!

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Get auto glass service only from highly trained and qualified technicians. They will handle your auto glass issues no matter the difficulty.

High-Quality Auto Glass Parts

Anytime Auto Glass supplies only the best, factory-quality glass for your vehicle according to manufacturer specifications.

Award Winning Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our priority and we want to give you what you deserve. As a finalist for BBB Torch Award garnering an A+ rating, we believe customer service is a core value. We want only the best end result for our clients.

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Best window replacement experience ever. I was on and off the phone in 15 min. They took care of everything. And I swear the services was less than 30 min. These guys are troopers working in this crazy desert sun! I'm a customer for life! Thanks Anytime!
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