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We ensure high-quality when it comes to auto glass tinting because we have over 20 years of experience in tinting vehicles. We offer a wide variety of shades that allow 5% to 70% of sunlight to get through the film.

High-Quality Nano Ceramic Tint

Anytime Auto Glass offers this exceptional type of tint that blocks 96% of infrared rays, 99% of UV rays, and 65% of solar energy. What makes nano ceramic tint different from other types of tints is that it absorbs energy from the sun instead of reflecting it. It is currently the highest quality tint available in the market. For that reason, we recommend it to Arizona drivers who want to avoid the sun.

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Our Process: Experienced Auto Glass Tinting Using Unique Methods That Varies from Car to Car


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A Window Tinting Company You Can Trust Your Car Keys With

We at Anytime Auto Glass understand how important window tinting for your car is. With over 20 years of experience handling car windows for all types of cars, you are guaranteed only the cleanest and highest-quality window tint jobs. You’ll have the opportunity to work with Arizona’s finest: our professional car technicians. They are great at identifying and fixing window tint problems before they can happen. Common issues include tint bubbles, film peeling, and sticky tints. You won’t find yourself worrying about these complications if you work with our car window experts.

Just because you can’t see it, does not mean it isn't there. You might need to replace your car windows sooner than you thought. Here are some signs you need a new window tint for your car:

Signs You Need an Auto Glass Tint

  1. Air Bubbles - When bubbles start to form, this is a sign that you need a new tint. These bulges are usually trapped air between the tinted film and the window glass.

  2. Glare in the Eyes - If the sun hurts your eyes or obstructs your vision while driving, you need to get a new car window tint. Not only do window tints block sunlight, but they also prevent glare.

  3. Fading Tint - Tint losing color and darkness results from aging. The film may even seem to turn purple, weakening its ability to protect your car’s interior from harmful rays and heat.

  4. Peeling Tint - The film eventually peels away after exposure to harsh sunlight. Peeling signifies that the tint adhesive has deteriorated and needs to be replaced.

  5. Hotter Interior - Window tint blocks sunlight and cools the car’s interior. Deteriorated tint film can no longer block the heat, even if the shade still appears dark.

Look out for these signs, so you know if you need a car window tint replacement soon. Doing so will ensure you get the most out of your window tint. Additionally, getting a new auto glass tint offers tons of benefits. Contact Anytime Auto Glass if you want your window tint replaced.

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Benefits of Window Tinting

People choose to tint the windows of their cars for various reasons. Perhaps the most obvious reason is to enhance the appearance of the car. Another is protection from heat, specifically ultraviolet rays and interior heat (or solar gain). In line with sunlight, window tints also help reduce glare from the sun that obstructs vision. Here are more benefits of having your car windows tinted. Know more about what window tinting can offer below:

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Harmful rays from the sun can damage your skin and the interior materials in your car. The seats and the dashboard may fade and crack if exposed to too much sunlight, especially when the car is parked with no shade. These potential problems are the reason why window tints are important. They can block up to 99% of ultraviolet rays from the sun. The protection they bring keeps your skin youthful and the car interior flawless.

Increased Safety and Privacy

The window tint film is installed using an adhesive that holds the glass together. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the film will keep the breaking glass from flying around. Window tints allow people inside the car to look outside while others won’t be able to see inside. The shade provides privacy for you and your family, friends, and other passengers. Lastly, car thieves won’t be able to see valuables you left inside the car.

Improved Comfort

By blocking sunlight and heat, the interior of your car becomes cooler and more comfortable. The coolness makes the air conditioning of your car work less, thus leading to better gas mileage. The film in window tints are so powerful, they can block 35% to 65% of solar heat. You will cut down on fuel consumption and lessen the chance for air conditioning overuse. They also prevent glare from sunlight or other cars’ headlights, which can obstruct your vision while driving.

Enhanced Appearance

Who says that everything needs to conform to the “function over form” principle? Maybe not so much of a practical benefit but tinted windows give the car sharper looks and more personality. They are visual enhancers on the overall style of the car, making the vehicle appear more sleek and smooth. Window tints are like celebrity sunglasses, but for cars.

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Do you need auto glass tinting in Arizona? Experienced technicians from Anytime Auto Glass can help! You can book an appointment with us that is most convenient for you - whether it is in-shop, valet, or mobile. From Monday through Saturday, we are willing to work around a schedule that best suits you. Work with us and your car will become more comfortable and appealing - a difference you can feel! Call or contact Anytime Auto Glass today for a hassle-free appointment!

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Best window replacement experience ever. I was on and off the phone in 15 min. They took care of everything. And I swear the services was less than 30 min. These guys are troopers working in this crazy desert sun! I'm a customer for life! Thanks Anytime!
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