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Got cracks or chips in the glass of your car? Let us help you! We do windshield repair that remains unmatched because we treat it as more than just a piece of glass. We can service auto glass at any time or day, delivering repairs at your convenience.

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A Windshield Repair Company You Can Count On

At Anytime Auto Glass, we deliver convenient and quick windshield repair with exceptional customer service. Work with our trained auto glass technicians, who will provide you with high-quality windshields and outstanding repairs. You can rely on our team of professionals because they have over two decades of experience and knowledge when it comes to handling any car window issues. Our process is designed to make things easy and convenient for you so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Our mobile service lets you go about your day without any hassles or hiccups while we repair your car’s windshield. Additionally, we install the same glass your car’s supplier used - or find better car window glass from top manufacturers. Expect customer service that exceeds expectations because we were blessed with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau or BBB.

Signs You Need a Windshield Repair

The windshield protects you from rocks, debris, and other flying objects that head your way while you drive. For this reason, the window glass is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. It also serves as the sunglasses of your car, protecting you from the sun's blinding rays and providing better visibility on the road. Therefore, identifying an issue before it is too late and getting your windshield repaired is most essential. Here are some signs that your auto glass needs some repairs:

  1. Chips in the exterior glass caused by debris

  2. Bull’s eye cracks that start small but grow over time when left unattended

  3. White spots, yellow stains, and other forms of discoloration

  4. Cloudy swirls forming due to years of sun exposure and contamination

  5. Other minor inconveniences that affect visibility or structural integrity of the glass

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Benefits of Windshield Repair

Small cracks on your car’s windows might seem harmless. However, you could get fined when you are out driving with a broken windshield. It also affects road visibility, potentially leading to vehicular accidents. So, deal with your auto glass issues as soon as possible - no matter how small they are! To get the most out of your car’s window glass, here are some benefits of windshield repair:

Benefit #1 Save Money

Getting windshield repair is actually not as costly as one might seem to think, especially when comparing it to buying a new one. Getting it repaired extends the life of the windshield, allowing you to get the most benefit out of it. Last but not the least, professional repairs are quick and easy - allowing you to save on storage costs and other similar fees.

Benefit #2 Save Time

The process of repairing your auto glass takes less time than replacing it. It usually takes about an hour to fix your car’s window, which means downtime is short. There may be cases when the process might require more time such as when the cracks are larger, but this is generally a rare occurrence.

Benefit #3 Security Assured

Driving with a chipped glass can feel uneasy. You’re anxious because the glass might break all of a sudden. Such a situation is going to be disastrous if it happens in the middle of the road with heavy traffic and lots of moving vehicles. Additionally, you might confuse the cracks for a vehicle or a pedestrian. The distraction causes you to swerve or react instinctively and you might get into an accident.

Benefit #4 Better Aesthetics

Cracks in the windshield look less appealing to other people. These make the car appear defective and uncared for - when chances are, such is probably not true. No matter how shiny or slick your car may look, a simple crack or chip in the car’s windows will ruin the whole appearance. Lastly, having it repaired makes it look brand new.

Benefit #5 Better Impression

Aside from the looks, chips and other deformation on the glass do not give a good impression on you as a driver. They make you look reckless and less responsible than you really are. Having cracks makes it appear as if the car’s window is going to give way any second.

Benefit #6 Prevent Damage

Cracks and chips left unattended for too long might grow. Worse, they may lead to complete breakage. Some start out small and harmless, but eventually crack into larger and irreparable ones. This happens because any form of crack or chips compromises the structural integrity of the auto glass.

Benefit #7 Covered by Insurance

Windshields are the most common insurance claim in the United States so it makes sense to avail of the policy even when a crack makes itself noticeable. The insurance company will most likely cover the cost of repair, which means there is no need for you to bring out your wallet.

Benefit #8 Good for the Environment

Getting a windshield repaired instead of replacing it helps reduce the number of windshields thrown in the landfills. They are more difficult to recycle than glass because they contain a plastic film that is not reusable. You are doing the planet a huge favor just by the simple act of repairing your car’s window.

No Hassle Appointments

Are you looking for a high-quality windshield repair service in Arizona? Our team of auto glass technicians are always ready to help! Work with us by booking an appointment most convenient for you. We make sure to give you plenty of options such as in-shop, valet, or mobile so you can pick the one that works best with your current circumstances. The repairs are done flawlessly and swiftly - a difference you can feel! So, avail of our hassle-free appointment by contacting Anytime Auto Glass today!

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Get auto glass service only from highly trained and qualified technicians. They will handle your auto glass issues no matter the difficulty

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Anytime Auto Glass supplies only the best, factory-quality glass for your vehicle according to manufacturer specifications.

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Your satisfaction is our priority and we want to give you what you deserve. As a finalist for BBB Torch Award garnering an A+ rating, we believe customer service is a core value. We want only the best end result for our clients.

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Best window replacement experience ever. I was on and off the phone in 15 min. They took care of everything. And I swear the services was less than 30 min. These guys are troopers working in this crazy desert sun! I'm a customer for life! Thanks Anytime!
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