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From Window Tinting to Windshield replacement or repair, we’re your Arizona windshield service experts ready to replace or repair broken car glass at your convenience.

It is no surprise that we at Anytime Auto Glass are known for premier windshield services and excellent customer service in Surprise, Arizona. After all, we have over two decades of experience when it comes to windshield replacement and window tinting.

Insurance-preferred and award-winning, we make your safety our main priority. We understand that you deserve the best, so we provide no-hassle service and a national lifetime warranty for our beloved clients.

Our auto glass specialists can reach you anywhere in Surprise or neighboring areas through our free mobile service. Let them know your ideal location, and they will meet you to handle your windshield needs. Set an appointment today so you can get back on the road!

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For Your Windshield Replacement and Repair Needs, Our Experienced Technicians Are Here to Help!

Anytime Auto Glass – Highly-Trained and Qualified Auto Glass Service Company in Surprise

The windshield is the most important safety feature of your car. For this reason, we at Anytime Auto Glass make your safety our priority and treat it as more than just a piece of glass.

To ensure we deliver results, we provide exceptional service and high-quality factory glass so you can safely drive the roads of Surprise. Additionally, our car experts can calibrate your Advanced Driving Assistance Systems to make your ride comfortable and smooth.

We are honored to be the only auto glass company nominated twice (2016 and 2022) for an Ethics award by the Better Business Bureau. Blessed with an A+ rating, trust that we can provide you with excellent service and superior car parts. With pride and integrity, we work hard to exceed any expectations you may have!

To ensure you are safe on the road, implement regular checkups and routine maintenance for your windshield. Work with our experienced professionals so you can catch signs when it needs replacement before it is too late.

Signs Your Windshield Needs Replacement or Repair

All parts of the vehicle are valuable, but the windshield is high on the list. It prevents sunlight, heat, rain, dirt, and other elements from getting into the car. A small crack on it could prove problematic later on if left unchecked. It is important to inspect the windshield regularly and have it replaced or repaired when you see the following warning signs:

Sign #1 Cracks

When dirt and other particles hit your car, they will cause cracks or chips on your windshield. The imperfections might appear manageable at first, but they can potentially grow and weaken the glass. They also come in various shapes, like stars, chips, bull’s eyes, and angel wings, which can be distracting while you drive.

Sign #2 Pitting

When sunlight hits your car's front glass, it sometimes causes glare or window distortion. The blinding light is due to windshield pitting, caused by tiny particles like dirt or debris that continually hit the glass at high speed while driving. They can be dangerous because they are not readily visible and may distract you when you least expect them.

Sign #3 White Haze and Swirls

The windshield is treated with a special type of glass that protects it from shattering into hundreds of dangerous shards. This plastic can get contaminated when exposed to heat, vapor, rain, and other damaging elements. The result is white haze, swirls, and other forms of discoloration that may obstruct your view of the road.

Sign #4 Inspection Schedule

It is wise to have your windshield checked or replaced when you are scheduled for an inspection soon. Inspectors assess various parts of your vehicle, especially the auto glass, to ensure they are up to safety standards. Work with our highly-trained professionals because failing the test might prove more expensive than having the windshield replaced or repaired.

Looking for experts to replace or repair your windshield? Call Anytime Auto Glass to help you get back on the road

Get your windshield replaced or repaired only by trusted professionals from Anytime Auto Glass in Surprise, Arizona. You will knock your socks off when they exceed your expectations, thanks to their two decades of experience. Our amazing auto glass technicians can deal with any windshield problem and calibrate your ADAS to their optimum performance.

They can work with classic, convertible, motorhome, panoramic roof, sunroof, and RV glass - you name it, they can handle it! No need to trouble yourself with going to the auto shop; take advantage of our FREE mobile service, and we will be there for you immediately!

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Services We Offer in Surprise, AZ

Window Replacement & Repair

Anytime Auto Glass improved the lives of thousands of car owners who had trouble with their windshields. Additionally, we make sure that our clients are safe on the road by providing them with high-quality auto glass and a national lifetime warranty.

Window Tinting

Our certified technicians ensure you get smooth and flawless tinting for your car. We also offer multiple window tinting options so that you may arrive at the best choice. We recommend nano-ceramic tint - regarded as the best on the market because it blocks 96% of infrared rays, 99% of UV rays, and 65% of solar energy.

ADAS Calibration

Professionals from Anytime Auto Glass utilize the latest methods and equipment to calibrate various driver assistance systems of your car. Feel safe knowing that your ADAS is running at optimum performance. The following systems offer convenience and comfort, so it is important to have certified technicians check them:

What Our Customers Say

Best window replacement experience ever. I was on and off the phone in 15 min. They took care of everything. And I swear the services was less than 30 min. These guys are troopers working in this crazy desert sun! I'm a customer for life! Thanks Anytime!
Happy Customer 2Tomas P
Anytime Auto Glass is awesome. They kept me updated the entire time. From filing the claim, to setting up the appointment, everything was easy.The technician that came out was polite and very professional. I would recommend Anytime to my friends and family.
Happy Customer 2Krishnna C
The entire process from the initial call to Anytime to the actual install of my windshield was excellent. Great customer service, installer was actually early! Left my vehicle cleaner than it was when he started. A+++ experience!
Happy Customer 3Byron V

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Get your Windshield Replaced or Repaired with Anytime Auto Glass. Calling today and we will set up auto glass claim and verify coverage for you. Schedule same-day or next-day appointments with us, whichever works best for you!

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